Easy Slide Gloves (Nylon)
Code: G5120S-NYLON
Supplier: Gravelles Mobility and Lifestyle
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Easy Slide Gloves Easy Slide gloves are effective for one carer or two to slide patients across or up a bed. They are brilliant aids to dressing for patients or on feet to prevent shearing on movement. SlideAssist has developed a range of transfer, positioning and turning products really work. Meticulous research and extensive testing have produced durable products, which stand up to the rigours of intensive daily use found in clinical and care environments. All fabrics have been subjected to load , stress and washing tests. Features:
  • Each product has a carefully constructed, unique design
  • Easy Slides silicon coated fabrics that glide effortlessly over all surface
  • One Way Slides are tough and the Blue Seal guarantees they do not slip back
  • Positioning Slides that are uniquely designed to reposition and transfer
  • Lateral Assist Slide for patient transfer from bed to trolley or table
  • All Ways Slides effortlessly work with floor and ceiling hoists Carers and nurses are satisfied by the increased efficiency in using this equipment. The time taken and the manpower required to safely move patients is significantly reduced.
Easy Slide Gloves

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