Evac+ Chair 440, Capacity 440lbs (200kg)
Code: 1-440
Supplier: Gravelles Mobility and Lifestyle
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A two person operation enhanced Evac+Chair with an increased passenger payload capacity of 440lbs/200kg and for use on steep stairs (45°) 

Evac+Chair Features:

  • Increased Payload Capacity 440lbs

  • Easy to use 2 person operation

  • Lightweight

  • No Heavy Lifting required

    Evac+Chair Includes:

  • Patient Restraints

  • Photo Luminescent Signage

  • Wall Mounted Hooks

  • Dust Cover

  • CD-Rom User Guide

    Accessories available separately include: Lockable Cabinet, Anti-theft Alarm, Comfy Seat Pad and Wall Mounted Sign.

    Please contact us either by email enquiries@gravelles.co.uk or phone 01446 713344 to request a quote for product maintenance and staff training.

Evac+ 440lbs
Height 120cm
Width 52cm
Depth 22cm
Weight 13 kg Unladen
Payload Capacity 440lbs/200Kg
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