Jolly Back Chair
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Many important professionals work at low heights
  • teachers, nursery nurses, childcare practitioners, midwives, children's therapists, nurses, carers for example. Repetitive poor postures (bending over, over-stretching, twisting, awkward lifting, flexed sitting) are frequently adopted, as staff undertake the necessary low level activities required of them, day-in-day-out. These repetitive poor postures, along with kneeling and squatting, are not only uncomfortable, but research highlights they are also damaging. This puts staff at an increased risk of acquiring musculoskeletal problems, in particular, back, hip, knee, neck and shoulder pain. The Jolly Back Chair has been specifically designed to reduce these damaging postures and promote healthy sitting
  • a low level seating solution is provided. Every feature has function, comfort and quality in mind.
As a unique purpose designed low chair, it can: - Relieve and prevent staff discomfort. - Reduce the risk of staff acquiring sudden and/or long term musculoskeletal damage/injury. - Improve staff wellbeing and morale, efficiency and pupil/patient/client care. - Reduce staff sickness absence and early retirement due to ill health. - Enable an organisation to demonstrate their Health and Safety commitment towards staff. Other Beneficial Features - Compact for use where space is limited. - Unobstructed floor space (under seat) allows easy movement when seated. - 3 heights available - Waterproof, breathable, anti-bacterial fabric in a range of colours - Vinyl options available - Developed by a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in paediatrics, occupational health and ergonomics, with input from front line staff.

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