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Leaders in Evacuation Equipment

Gravelles are well known suppliers of evacuation equipment as well as offering
servicing, maintenance and training in the proper use of our products

About Us
The People Behind the Names

Our founder, a disabled person from birth, has a wealth of experience within the field of disability. This coupled with his energy and knowledge within the fields of Equalities Legislation and H&S regulations, as well as 20 years of practice, provided Gravelles Ltd with a solid foundation from which it has grown. His ethical approach to business and relationships is a cornerstone of what Gravelles has become today.

Our founder and director

Robert’s wife took over the directorship of Gravelles Ltd In 2016. After playing an increasingly pivotal role in driving the company’s profile and developing relationships with National Organisations from a range of sectors, including NHS and Government, to retail and hospitality providers, Rebecca talking over the reigns has evolved Gravelles Ltd into the ethical model that can be seen today; as a one-stop shop for H&S.

Although his expertise is often called upon, Robert currently holds a consultative role within Gravelles Ltd. simply because he is now sharing his experience more broadly, leading on change within National Organisations and Government, addressing the needs of the disabled community.

“Our approach at Gravelles is to match the needs of the client with the needs of their customer, always looking towards ways that cost efficiency can be balanced with customer / user experience. In this way everyone wins, people are supported to participate and organisations have peace of mind of compliance and efficiency”.

Rebecca Gravelle as director

Gravelles holds a unique perspective and expertise crafted to support the broad needs of organisations who hold responsibility for H&S within facilities Management as well as specifically specialising in Disability; encompassed in one unique package.

Rebecca’s background in healthcare and loving experience with Robert has developed her into being a uniquely experienced and knowledgeable individual. Holding a compassion, which is only gained from lived knowledge of disability, gained in this instance through love. Rebecca views business situations and clients’ requirements through an innate understanding of the needs of the customer and client with or without a disability.

The Team

Headed by our senior engineer Simon (big Si). Our highly Skilled and Qualified team consists of trainers, engineers, OTs and practitioners. All with lived experience of disability, which Gravelles consider as a prerequisite to working within the organisation. The team holds unrivalled expertise in assessing clients’ needs and delivering customer satisfaction within the fields of H&S, Access, Mechanical compliance, Training, Manual Handling and Product specification.

Leading this team to working within the most diverse range of customers from the Care sector to Maximum security Prisons, to elite London Clubs and education, Simon (big Si) says:

“At Gravelles, myself and the team are encouraged to take an ethical approach to everything we do! It’s refreshing to be empowered to support customers’ needs at the same time ensuring that the needs of staff and customers are addressed”.

Business Outline

Gravelles Mobility & Lifestyle Ltd (“Gravelles”) consults on a range of issues that impact on the lives of the disabled and the elderly. We offer services and associated products to individuals, carers, businesses and health care professionals.

As a business, Gravelles Mobility & Lifestyle Ltd know a lot about Disability, Equality, Training, Access and Evacuation / H&S; based around extensive personal and professional experience. Founded as a result of this mature experience, Gravelles Mobility & Lifestyle Ltd has a wide ranging knowledge of disability and an extensive understanding of all disability-related issues, commercially and within the NHS. As such Gravelles Mobility & Lifestyle Ltd can draw upon an unequalled ethical knowledge and professionalism.

Services & Experience

Gravelles Mobility & Lifestyle Ltd, with over 30 years of experience within the field of disability aims to provide the best services for the disabled community.

Building on an extensive network of partnerships with UK specialists and manufacturers from the fields of facilities management and disability care, to services and products including access/evacuation products; Gravelles can provide a single source for all with wide ranging services and products being designed and tailored to meet the needs of the individual, their carers, healthcare services and the business community.

As an example, standard services include H&S training, supply and maintenance, Access Auditing / Consultation, Fire Safety and Evacuation Training, Disability Equalities Awareness Training and much more.

“Just give us a call, we are always happy to discuss and address your business needs”. - Rebecca

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