Gravelles Health and Safety Training Courses

This is the comprehensive selection of health and safety training courses currently available at Gravelles. If you have any questions or require further details, please contact us

Course 1 – Manual Handling (Inanimate Loads)

Course 2 – Manual Handling (People Handling)

Course 3 – Fire Extinguisher Awareness

Course 4 – Fire Safety & Role of the Fire Marshal

Course 5 – Evacuation Chair Training – Practitioner Training Course (Generic)

Course 6 – Train the Trainer – Evacuation Chair Training (Generic)

Course 7 – Stair Climber (Motorised) Training (Generic)

Course 8 – Train the Trainer – Ski Pad / ResQmat / Albac Matt Training (Generic)

Course 9 – Practitioner Training Course (Ski Pad / ResQmat / Albac Mat Training (Generic)

Course 10 – Fundamental Health And Safety Management In The Workplace


If you have any questions, please Contact Us.