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How to Order

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Gravelles are well known suppliers of evacuation equipment as well as offering
servicing, maintenance and training in the proper use of our products

How to Order

Placing an Order Online

Initially there are three easy ways in which you can search for particular products which you would like to purchase. As an example, we will look at how to buy a Bath Lift.

The first method is through selecting the product you want through the menu bar at the top of the page and selecting within the “Daily Living” category “Bathing” then “Bathlifts”.

Secondly you can utilise the category listings on the left hand side of the page by hovering your mouse over the “Daily Living” Category then clicking the “Bathing” then “Bathlifts” sub-category.

Both ways will ensure you will be presented with a list of all the Bath Lifts available.

The third method is through using the “Product Search” facility at the top right hand corner of the top of the page, if you use the Quick Search facility by typing in a particular product you will ‘jump’ straight to the relevant pages when the “Search” button is pressed and be presented with all products which contain the key words “Bath Lift” e.g. Bath Lift Spares and Bath Lifts. This method is useful if you are looking for a specific item title which you know already exists e.g. Bellavita Bathlift, however whilst browsing through the site the first two methods are probably best.

At present there are two pages of Bath Lifts within the sub-category, If there are more than 6 products you can press the page number to the right hand side of the page to go to the next page. A picture and a description of each item are displayed on the page; if you see a product that you are happy to order or want more information simply click on ‘View Product’. You will then be presented with a detailed description of the product such as specifications and features. The majority of our product pictures within this view can also be enlarged to view the product in more detail which can be done by clicking the image once.

If you would like to select an item for purchase, as detailed above, simply press the appropriate ‘Add to Basket’. To select more than 1, type the quantity in the quantity box to the left of ‘Add to Basket’ and then press ‘Add to Basket’. A summary of your order will then be displayed in the Shopping Basket page. If you wish to continue shopping for other items, simply click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button and browse the rest of the web site, following the instructions above for adding more to your basket. If you have made an error with your order, select “Remove” next to the items that you want to delete or select in a new quantity in the quantity box this will automatically update your purchase. Your revised order will be displayed. To complete your order and to continue through the checkout process, select ‘Next’.

The next screen you will be presented with will be the checkout page where you should complete the Invoice/Card Address details and the Delivery Address (at this stage you can add a different from the Invoice Address is you like). Tick the VAT exemption box if the product and/or you or the person you are buying the item for are eligible for relief from VAT, where you can type in a short description of the condition or illness eligible for VAT Exemption.

Then select your payment method and complete press “Next”. You will then be taken to our payment page where you will be asked your payment information.

Upon completion you will receive an email confirming your order. Then it will be dispatched in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

Placing An Order By Phone

Call our telephone number 01446 71 33 44 and our friendly and efficient staff will take your order. Remember to have your order details and credit / debit card information with you.

Placing An Order By Mail

If you prefer not to use the online payment system, simply complete the form as above but select “Manual Payment” this will automatically take you to our “Manual Order Screen” which you can print out and keep. You can then send us a cheque or your credit card/switch details to the address below (Please note that your order will not be processed until we have received and cleared your payment)

Questions and Queries

If you experience any problems or would like to discuss an order please contact us using our Telephone Number 01446 71 33 44