Course 1 – Manual Handling Course (Inanimate Loads)


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Manual Handling Course (Inanimate Loads)

Duration: 1 Day (Tailorable) 

Course Renewal Compliancy (Annually) 

Group (Minimum Numbers 4 – Up to 10)

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Manual Handling Course Information

By the end of the course delegates will have a clear understanding of Manual Handling that ensures best practice in accordance with the All Wales Local Government Manual Handling Training Passport & Information Scheme & UK National Guidelines as supported by the NHS.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the function of the spine
  • Examine & Discuss Manual Handling Legislation
  • Discuss Company Manual Handling policies (if any)
  • Describe Ergonomics
  • Examine and Discuss Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Discuss safe handling procedures
  • Explain the need for effective teamwork & communication
  • Demonstrate safe inanimate load handling

This course will be delivered in a classroom environment via power point presentations, discussions, practical demonstrations and lectures. There are two modules to this course which are outlined below:

Module A – Spinal Awareness, legislation, your authority or company policies, ergonomics, risk assessment, safe handling principles, team handling and communication.

Module B – Inanimate load handling, practical ergonomics.

Key Facts

  • Assessment Method: Multiple Choice Exam & Practical Assessment
  • Candidates will also receive a Manual Handling Training Manual which they can take them.
  • The Certificate will last for 3 years.

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