AAT C-Max Stair Climber

The AAT C-Max Stair Climber enables the safe transportation of mobility-impaired individuals up and down stairs with limited physical effort required from the chair’s operator


The ability to retain a person’s independence even when mobility is impaired is a critical aspect of maintaining a good quality of life. The AAT powered stairclimber is a quality product that gives such individuals this continued ability to move around, even when stairs are involved. 

The AAT Stair Climber offers the flexibility for individuals to be easily moved around, both in and outdoors even when narrow staircases are involved. What makes the process so effortless is the patented climbing kinematics which literally takes over the entire stair climbing process. 

The chair’s operator simply has to act as a guide for the chair, with only very limited physical effort. Once the chair has reached the beginning of each step, the stair climbing/descending mechanism takes over to effortlessly move the individual up or down the stairs as desired.

The AAT Stairclimber is not only lightweight but is also very easy to dismount. This makes this powered stairclimber a product that can literally be transported everywhere. 

With any powered stairclimber, safety is always of paramount importance. Upon reaching the edge of each step, the AAT-Max Stair Climber’s safety brakes automatically engage. The powerful climbers then extend and set down on the next step, ensuring a solid platform is formed prior to lowering the chair.  

Stairs come in all sorts of coverings but this is no problem for the AAT Stairclimber. To aid comfort during transportation, the user can select from various speed settings which suit them best. There is also a single step option which can be selected if required.

The AAT C-Max Stair Climber is easy to disassemble and can be comfortably fitted in the boot of a car. What’s more, the adjustable nature of the chair’s handles, along with its ergonomic control unit, make it a very user-friendly product.

The standard engine immobiliser ensures that no one else will be making use of the product. It also comes with a removable battery allowing this to be charged independently.

The AAT C-Max stair climber has been designed to carry individuals weighing up to 120 kg. The product range also offers a more robust variant for those weighing up to 160 kg.

Maximum Lifting Capacity120kg

Climbing Speed8-23 steps per minute
Capacity following a single battery charge15-30 levels
Weight Dependent
Width485mm/440mm without armrest
Depth915mm/730mm folded in foot rest
Batteries2 x 12V/5Ah
Weight of battery pack4.4kg
Weight of power unit17.2kg
Weight of seat4.6kg

Weight of back4.3kg
Weight of arm rests1.2Kg
Step’s height21cm/22.5cm extended


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