AAT S-Max SELLA Vario Powered Mobility Stairclimber

The AAT S-Max SELLA Vario Powered Mobility Stairclimber is the ideal solution for mobility-impaired individuals who wish/need to be moved up and down stairs safely


Transporting individuals with limited mobility, especially in buildings with multiple flights of stairs, can be particularly challenging. This is where the S-Max Sella Vario can be hugely beneficial. 

This powered stairclimber can be used to transport individuals up and downstairs in either their own wheelchair or via the seating system provided by the S-Max Sella Vario. What’s more, this product is suited for operation both indoors and outdoors.

The overall weight of the S-Max Sella Vario varies depending on the product variant that is purchased. The option that comes with the built-in seat weighs in at 195kg whereas the model suited for moving an individual in their own wheelchair is a lighter 160kg.

The S-Max Sella Vario is incredibly simple to operate. Following product training, the operator of the stairclimber will have the ability and knowledge to manoeuvre the device in a safe and controlled manner. 

The product comes with a constantly altering climb speed which automatically adjusts as it adapts to differing stair types. 

The S-Max Sella Vario comes with a built-in safety chip which helps to protect the product from the use by unauthorized individuals. 

This really is a supremely flexible stairclimber as it can transport those in there very own wheelchair or by utilizing the integral seating option.

If you have any questions about the S-Max Sella Vario or any of the other products on our website please contact us.

Technical data SDM7 · 135 kg SDM7 · 160 kg
Maximum lifting capacity 135 kg 160 kg
Possible wheel sizes 12“, 16“, 20“, 24“ (independent of the wheelchair) 12“, 16“, 20“, 24“ (independent of the wheelchair)
Weight of the SDM7 8.4 kg8.4 kg
Weight of the engine including the batteries 18.8 kg 19.9 kg
Seat width34 cm - 48 cm 38 cm - 53 cm
Height of the grip min. 768 mm
max. 1138 mm
min. 768 mm
max. 1138 mm
Width of the backrest min. 380 mm
max. 520 mm
min. 380 mm
max. 520 mm


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