AAT S-Max SELLA Powered Mobility Stair Climber

The AAT S-Max SELLA Powered Mobility Stairclimber gives mobility impaired individuals the ability to move up and down stairs with the utmost ease, regardless of the the stair type and size


The S-Max Sella powered stairclimber is designed for the transportation of mobility-impaired individuals up and downstairs. Stairs in both domestic and commercial premises are rarely constructed in a way that makes them accessible for those with mobility issues. In many instances, they represent a major barrier. 

The Multifunctional S-Max Sella will accommodate both adults and children on the most awkward of stairs. Even narrow staircases and spiral designs are no problem for the S-Max Sella. This powered stairclimber also offers a range of additional accessories to cater for both individuals who are able to transfer, as well as those who cannot. 

Being easily portable, this powered stairclimber puts you in control and gives you the freedom to move about. The product can be folded or disassembled enabling it to fit in the majority of cars. The ability to fold the product ensures that the S-Max Sella takes up little room in your home or office also.

The ATT S-Max Sella’s unique duel functionality offers transportation for both directly seated individuals or for those in wheelchairs who are unable to transfer. 

If you have any questions about the ATT S-Max Sella or any of the other products on our website please contact us.

Technical dataS-Max Sella
Maximum lifting capacity 135 kg (person)
Climbing speed
(continually adjustable)
5 — 20 steps per minute
Capacity with one
battery charge
(depending on the load)
15 — 20 levels,
approx. 300 steps
LED‘s for safe operation
in the dark
“Smart step” function for a
comfortable driving experience
Height min. 1100 mm
max. 1470 mm
Batteries2 x 12 V / 3.3 Ah
Weight of the batteries3.1 kg
Weight of the power unit14.7 kg
Weight of the handle14.5 kg
Total weight33.5 kg
Climbing height22 cm | 23.5 cm (extended)


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