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Albac Mat with Thermal Blanket

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Albac Rescue Mat

The AlbacMat is a product manufactured for the purpose of assisting with the safe rescue and evacuation of disabled and mobility impaired individuals from emergency situations. 

The Albac Rescue Mat is mainly utilised in places such as, but not limited to, care homes, hospitals, hotels and schools. Having said that, they are equally useful in confined areas such as on planes or trains, owing to their lightweight and compact design. 

Albac Mat Features

Carry handles: multiple product handles enabling 6-8 people to help carry rescued individual if required.

Extra body straps: allowing rescued individual to be secured at chest, hips and shin areas.

Thermal Blanket: helps to keep patient warm and also more secure if they attempt to free themselves from the AlbatMat while being moved.

The AlbacMat is available in either standard or large and can be used for the transportation of both adults and children. 

AlbacMat Instructions – How it Works

The Albac Mat is stored within its own dedicated, easily visible, storage bag. The bag displays simple picture-based instructions. Also, the mat can be mounted on any wall making it extra visible and available for use when needed.

When an emergency situation arises, take the AlbacMat to the patient and release it from its bag by pulling the blue velcro strap. This opens the mat out. The mat should then be placed alongside the individual requiring rescue and the transfer process can commence.

Following the transfer, it is important to ensure that the patient’s feet are placed in the AlbacMat’s dedicated foot pocket. This will ensure that the individual will not slide when being transported downstairs. The next step is to ensure that the individual is covered by the thermal blanket (if required). 

Finally, ensure that the straps are used to secure the individual safely to the AlbacMat. Once this has been completed, the individual can be transported to a safe location.

The AlbacMat comes with a strong polypropylene base that is ideal for absorbing any knocks generated while being moved and making the transfer to safety more pleasant for the individual being rescued. Additionally, its construction also assists the AlbacMat’s handlers, as the product can be easily moved in a controlled fashion across a multitude of surfaces.

AlbacMat Safety Instructions

The Albac Mat has been tested to a weight of 500kg (1102lbs). However, the product is not recommended for the rescue/evacuation of bariatric individuals. This product has not been manufactured for the safe evacuation of people of this size.

The manufacturer recommends that the product only transports individuals of 160kg (352 lbs) or less.

It is suggested that no fewer than two individuals handle the AlbacMat at any one time. To help limit the chance of handler injury, the maximum weight of the individual being rescued shouldn’t be in excess of the combined weight of the two handlers.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out about product servicing/maintenance and training.

Attribute Value
Packed: 38cm x 20cm x 18cm
Unrolled: 193cm x 64cm (standard) 193cm x 94cm (large)
Base: Polypropylene flexible board 30cm x 176cm
Weight: 2kg
Safety tested to: 160kg
Safe working load: 120kg two people
Material: Red vinyl
Features: Foil Blanket 50cm x 160cm. Velcro and webbing straps

Albac Mat with Thermal Blanket


£219.00 + VAT Prices May Vary


The AlbacMat is an emergency rescue and evacuation mat for disabled and mobility impaired individuals. Discover the wide-ranging benefits of the Albac rescue mat

£219.00 + VAT

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