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Apex Standard 130

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Mobile-powered wheelchair Stairclimber for manual wheelchairs

Adjustable fastening :
The adjustable wheelchair fastening system means that the Stairmate will accommodate virtually all manual wheelchairs, including sports chairs and children’s chairs.

Compact design :
The Stairmate’s compact design makes it easy to transport between sites and easy to store when not in use.

Auxiliary wheels :
Auxiliary wheels allow the attendant to easily move the Stairmate across flat surfaces and around stairway landings.

Powerful Motor :
The powerful motor, powered by a rechargeable battery, can carry 286lbs or 130kgs up 30 flights of stairs on a single charge.

Steel Reinforced Tracks:
Rubber tracks with special saw-tooth lugs securely grip the stairway. Hundreds of steel wires moulded into the tracks ensure strength and durability. The long track length provides stability on the stairway.

Flexible Solution
The Stairmate can be used both indoors and outside. The Stairmate can also be easily transported between locations, allowing one unit to provide convenient and dignified access for a number of buildings.

Attribute Value
Capacity 130kg (20st)
Chair Angle Up to 35 degrees
Landing Size 110 x 110cm (43" x 43")
Dimensions Stored (hxwxd) 31 x 64 x 105cm (12" x 25" x 41")
Weight Climbing Unit 31 kg Handle 15 kg 12V Battery 8 kg
Speed Down 26/ Up 23 (approx stairs/min)
Range 600 steps (300 up + 300 down)
Power Motor / drive combination (210w)

Apex Standard 130

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