Banana Board Prime

The Banana Board Prime is a seated slide board that allows individuals to move between two surfaces and is suitable for use with both assisted and non-assisted transfers



The Banana Board Prime is a strong, comfortable, yet lightweight, curved transfer board designed to enable both assisted and non-assisted transfers of individuals between two surfaces. This is the perfect solution for transferring from surfaces such as from a bed to a wheelchair, wheelchair to a chair or wheelchair to a toilet.  The Banana Board transfer unit is suitable for both side to side as well as straight transfers.

The underside of the Banana Board mobility unit comes with anti-slip pads ensuring maximum grip between the transfer surfaces. The smooth upper side of the Banana Board Prime ensures quick and easy transfers.

The Banana Board Prime can carry weights of up to 200kg, which is considerably higher than the majority of other slide boards on the market today, allowing it to cater to the large majority of individuals.

Measurements:62cm long x 26 cm wide
Weight Limit:200KG


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