EMS Bariatric EvacMat


Emergency services evacuation and rescue mat for large individuals


The EMS Bariatric EvacMat has been designed for use by the emergency services as an aid to the rescue and evacuation of plus size individuals. It is an ideal choice where this type of work is concerned, as it provides a solution to body mass stabilisation, whilst enabling crews to slide them to safety, including via staircases, without the need for heavy lifting involved.

Easy to use colour coded cross straps keep the individual securely cocooned, and the body weight held in place to make the movement of the EMS EvacMat more stable.

Due to its many ladder handles, the personnel involved can adopt a good working posture, reducing the risk of injury to themselves, whilst colour coded anchor points give the option for the use of ropes, enabling extra control where needed.

EMS Bariatric EvacMat has many additions not available on the standard EvacMat. These include completely colour coded handles and anchor points, extra (loose) ladder handles which can be attached to the many anchor points, low and high positioning handles and a slide sheet for ease of transfer.

A two-piece replaceable sliding baseboard makes the EMS EvacMat harder wearing and longer lasting, while a clever internal pocket allows for the insertion of a Bariatric spinal longboard, for greater stability and patient comfort.

Additional accessories available separately include replacement outer sliding board, waterproof hood, slide sheets and casualty handling slings.


Part of the ‘SKI’ range of evacuation products. ‘SKI’ is a Registered Trade Mark within Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

Registered European Union Trade Mark No. 13737135. Registered Great Britain and Northern Ireland Trade Mark No.2560233.


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