The ErgoKneeler is a multi-purpose, dynamic kneeling system that provides comfort, support and ease of movement across a range of low working positions for those who need to undertake tasks at a low working height



The ErgoKneeler is a kneeling system that combines both a kneeling pad & kneeling stool in one easy to use product. The Ergo Kneeler provides comfort, support and flexibility of movement for individuals who are required to undertake tasks at a low level, usually as part of their occupation. This is the sister product of the ErgoRaiser, a device that can complement the ErgoKneeler in many situations.

The Ergo Kneeler generally benefits those in care-related roles such as nurses, midwives, podiatrists, therapists and care workers.  The product can considerably alleviate the postural stresses associated with the process of kneeling and squatting, helping to limit the cumulative impact of these processes while promoting overall musculoskeletal health.

The product is constructed from polyurethane foam possessing active antibacterial properties. The ergonomic design of the Ergo Kneel system helps reduce compression forces linked with working at low levels and enhances good spinal posture. 

It is widely appreciated just how challenging kneeling or squatting can be, especially if the position has to me statically maintained for a lengthy period of time. Research into such working practices has now evidenced that issues stemming from such positions not only relate to discomfort but also lead to a greatly increased chance of developing musculoskeletal injury leading to long term damage.

For large numbers of people, this type of low working can not be avoided as it is an integral part of their day to day employment. 

Invented by Chartered Physiotherapist and Moving and Handling Facilitator Linda Darwent, the ErgoKneeler provides an option for actively managing the postural and musculoskeletal issues of unavoidable low working. 

The product design evolved through collaborative work and support from a variety of businesses including Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd, The Bioscience & Healthcare iNet, Medilink East Midlands and The Design Unit, De Montfort University, Leicester.  Linda’s design ideas and the ergonomic principles backing up those ideas were developed into the ErgoKneeler that you see today. 

Seat Height28cm
Seat Length18.5cm
Seat Width24cm
Safe Working Load115kg
Material Moulded polyurethane foam with an active antibacterial additive
FeaturesSealed unit to help reduce cross infection


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