The ErgoRaiser is an ergonomic limb supporting device that assists the needs of both patient and practitioner



The ErgoRaiser, from the family that brought the market the revolutionary ErgoKneeler, is a modular limb supporting device created to help assist the postural and comfort needs of patients and practitioners alike. The product is simple to use, helps keep infections at bay through its design properties and is easy to maintain.

The Ergo Raiser is well designed, comes with a wide range of both support angles and elevations. This allows a client/practitioner to work on a patient from a variety of different levels, whether the limb requires support from a floor, bed, plinth or table.

The device’s sturdy construction allows the client/practitioner to keep both hands free when required to work on the patient, without concerns of the limb being supported correctly and safely.

The ErgoRaiser is moulded in antimicrobial polyethylene and polyurethane. Its smooth design allows the product to be cleaned with great ease.

The multi-positional and easy to clean support pad is both cost-saving and environmentally friendly, as this product eliminates the necessity of disposable slings.

The ErgoRaiser is particularly lightweight at just 2kg and comes with built-in handles making the device easy to move from one position to the next. Both the top module and pad can be integrated within the lower module which is both ideal for transportation and storage purposes.

If the Ergo Raiser is being used at floor level, it is particularly well complemented by the ErgoKneeler. The two products working in unison help form the perfect postural supportive system that helps take the strain off long periods of either squatting or kneeling. That said, the ErgoRaiser can also operate effectively with other kneeling systems or entirely by itself.

There are a wide variety of settings/occupations that would find the ErgoRaiser to be an excellent fit for their day to day operations. These include in acute and community healthcare, social care, occupational health, private practice as well as in the wider community as a whole.


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