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Etac Bariatric 4Way Glide

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The Etac Bariatric 4Way Glide allows easy low friction movement to provide a permanent ‘on the bed’ solution for bariatric individuals who require frequent repositioning.

The complete Etac Bariatric 4Way Glide system uses two components, a nylon under sheet and a top quilt with either breathable PU or cotton surface.  The combination of the underside of the glide mattress and the nylon sheet provides an ultra-low friction surface for movement in all directions, which facilitates positioning and turning, whether manual or with support of a hoist. The locking mechanism on the nylon sheet allows for more control. The non-slip section can be covered or uncovered depending on whether movement or no movement is desired. The Etac Bariatric 4way Glide has a net enforcement built into the glide mattress, allowing higher user weight and wider configuration for larger beds.

Suitable for use on pressure care mattresses and ideal for use with four-part profiling beds.

  • Top Quilt machine washable to 80°C.
  • Nylon sheet can be washed up to 95°C.
  • 2 part system — neither component can be used as a standalone product
Maximum user weight (kg) 300
Name Etac item number Length (mm) Material width (mm)
4WayGlide Mattress LPL-maxi IM180/200LPL 2100 Polyester, cotton, polyester fibre, nylon 1800
4WayGlide Mattress LPL-maxi IM180/200GLPL 2100 Polyurethane, polyester fibre, net reinforcement, nylon 1800
4WayGlide NylonSheet w/lock maxi IM110/200LPLNS 2050 Nylon 1100
4WayGlide NylonSheet IM120/200 2050 Nylon 1200
4WayGlide NylonSheet w/lock maxi IM120/2003LPL 2000 Nylon 1200
Name Etac item number Cover material Height (mm) Length (mm) Material Maximum user weight (kg) Width (mm)
Positioning Wedge L IM53/80NS - 200 800 Polyurethane foam 200 300
Positioning Wedge S IM53NS - 200 530 Polyurethane foam 200 300
Cover for IM53NS IM5300NS Nylon - - - - -
Cover for IM53/80NS IM5300/80NS Nylon - - - - -

Etac Bariatric 4Way Glide

Bariatric Equipment


SKU: 028

£349.00 + VAT


A permanent on the bed repositioning solution for bariatric individuals

£349.00 + VAT

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