Evac+Chair 600H Evacuation Chair


Dual operator fire evacuation chair for difficult to access locations

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The Evac Chair offers a life-saving solution and nobody needs to be left behind in case of fire or other emergencies. The strategic placing of Evac Chairs throughout buildings together with required escape drills is a life-saving investment helping organisations provide adequate means of escape for all, including the mobility impaired and to meet the requirements of health and safety and fire precautions, equality in the workplace and manual handling and preventable injuries. 

According to the world fire statistics sector sponsored by the UN, over 10% of the population in developed countries would have difficulty negotiating stairs in an emergency. Persons of reduced mobility, the blind, asthmatic, deaf, injured, elderly, infants, pregnant, arthritic, epileptic and those with angina are just some of the people who might be in distress in an emergency or disaster situation such as power failures, terrorist attacks, false alarms, or disasters such as fire, flood or earthquake. 

Evac Chair is more than just the world’s proven number one emergency stairway evacuation chair. Evac Chair is the complete life saving stairway escape solution for people with reduced mobility offering 5 years warranty against faulty parts and workmanship, nationwide onsite servicing and an easy rental package and vitally important, certificated key staff training so that no one in any organisation needs to be left unsure of how to respond in an emergency, crucial to the success of any personal emergency escape plan. 

Employers have a duty of care to provide adequate means of escape for everyone using their premises. Disability discrimination and health and safety requirements, as well as the Regulatory Reform Order, are enforcing this duty of care. In today’s society which is quick to seek massive damages in a no win no fee world, compliance with legislation is essential. 

Evac+Chair 600H – Essential Product For All Premises With Stairs

The smooth operation of Evac Chair is due to the interface of specially modified V belts which continuously work to slow down descent over stair nosings in proportion to the weight of the passenger. No heavy lifting is necessary so no one is left behind when buildings are evacuated. Evac Chair is a life-saving investment and answers everyone’s concerns about emergency stairway evacuation in schools, colleges, factories, hospitals, sports stadia, shops and offices, cinemas, libraries, banks, care homes, museums and galleries. Wherever people have access you can depend on Evac Chair. 

Evac Chair, more than just the world’s proven number one emergency stairway evacuation chair. 

The Evac+Chair 600H evacuation chair is a modified 300H incorporating 2 carry-handles that allows for two-person operation for locations with difficult access, including upwards evacuation. Also available in AMB format.

Evac+Chair Features:

  • Retractable rear and front grab handles
  • Increased load capacity
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 operators
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • No heavy lifting required

Evac+Chair Includes:

  • Two additional handles
  • Patient Restraints
  • Photo Luminescent Signage
  • Wall Mounted Hooks
  • Dust Cover
  • CD-Rom User Guide
  • Accessories available separately include Lockable Cabinet, Anti-theft Alarm, Comfy Seat Pad and Wall Mounted Sign.
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