Baby evacuation chair and track system for the safe, secure movement of infants and newborns



The Evacu-B is a revolutionary track chair system for the simple, safe and secure evacuation of new-born babies and infants from hospital wards and special care baby units, in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

The unique design of the Evacu-B baby evacuation chair enables one carer to evacuate six babies at once with very little effort. Front caster wheels allow the chair to roll effortlessly through corridors while the heavy-duty track system firmly grips the stair and descend smoothly.

The Evacu-B features an integrated reverse brake system, to facilitate safe loading of the chair and aid in the safe controlled descent of staircases. If necessary, the brake system can hold a fully loaded chair on the staircase unaided, allowing the operator to move obstructions from the exit route.

Other features include storage for an oxygen cylinder, six individual pockets with tear-away internal walls, medical grade hypoallergenic headrests, two securing cross straps and drain holes for easy cleaning.

The Evacu-B is wall mountable and comes complete with a wall bracket, dust cover and user guide.


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