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Evacuation mattress - Basic Model

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Pros and cons

  • Using the evacuation mat is incredibly easy.
  • The person needing help is securely wrapped using the body flaps.
  • The material is anti-bacterial and fire-retardant.
  • You can quickly bring a person needing assistance to a safe environment via the stairs.
  • You could even operate the S-CAPEPLUS® on your own.
  • The mattress is 210 cm long. This makes it suitable for the largest group of people.
  • It is not suitable if you need to immobilise a patient. This would require an additional spine board.
  • Not suitable for steel stairs with perforated treads (tip: S-CAPEPLUS Premium is suitable for this kind of stairs).

The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat was designed with safety, speed, and convenience in mind. It is designed to provide a quick and easy way for people with reduced mobility to evacuate a building in an emergency. The Evacuation Mat is lightweight and easy to slides and features strong handles. It is also made of durable material to ensure it stands up to whatever an emergency situation may bring. The Mat also features a comfortable foam padding, allowing the user to remain comfortable and secure while being transported. The S-CAPEPLUS® also has built-in body flaps that helps keep the user secure during transport. These flaps can be adjusted to fit any size person, ensuring an optimal fit for all users. The Mat also has a bright and yellow lining, making it easy for emergency responders to spot and identify in an emergency. With the Evacuation Mat, those with reduced mobility can rest easy knowing that they will be safely transported without being left behind in an emergency.

Leave no one behind
It’s all about not leaving anyone behind in the event of an emergency.
That is why you need a tool you can trust blindly without any difficulty in handling.
That is why you can rely on the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattresses.
See for yourself how easy it is.

Attribute Value

Packed size in carrying bag: 60x35x60 cm
Packed size in Wall Cover: 100x60x17 cm
Size evacuation mattress: 210×60 cm
Size evacuation mattress flaps open: 190×285 cm
Thickness of evacuation mattress: 7 cm
Weight of evacuation mattress: 5.5 kg 


Weight of evacuation mattress: 5.5 kg
Maximum carrying capacity: 200 kg


Yes Safely Tested (M1)

Evacuation mattress - Basic Model

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SKU: 074

This evacuation mattress can be described in four words:
Inexpensive. Simple. Fast. Comfortable.

A person is securely wrapped on the mattress using flaps.
Thanks to the smooth materials, it glides easily on different floors.

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