Exitmaster Versa


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Exitmaster Versa Features:

  • Permanently Deployed on 4 Wheels
  • Safety Brakes on Rear Wheels
  • Regular Seat Position for easy transfer & comfort and easily manouevered in any situation
  • Sturdy High Capacity frame for sustained use.

The Versa Package includes:

  • Operation Handbook
  • Fitted Cover
  • Wall Mounting Kit

With the right of access for people with disabilities now firmly established with Building Owners/Operators being responsible for the evacuation of all individuals, more and more organisations are providing better equipment and care to ensure all individuals have the ability to escape in a Fire.

Our Versa Evacuation Chair is a great tool to aid in this type of requirement.

Capacity (one passenger)150kg (24st)
Stair Type / angleStraight flight / 28 - 42 degrees
Landing SizeFrom 90 x 90cm (35 x 35")
Dimensions Stored (WxDxH)50 x 29.5 x 104cm (20 x 12 x 41")
Dimensions Deployed (WxDxH)50 x 92 x 147cm (20 x 36 x 58")
Weight17.3kg (38lb)
Operator weight recommendationFrom 75% of passenger weight


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