The FlexStretcher is a totally versatile patient management system that can be adapted for use in a wide variety of positions


The FlexStretcher is an extremely versatile patient management system allowing emergency providers to deal with a multitude of medical scenarios. Additionally, this flexible stretcher is also an ideal product for use in custodial settings, helping to provide transfer of individuals displaying aggressive behaviour.

The FlexStretcher is a lightweight product constructed in three sections and can be adjusted into numerous positions such as supine, seated or recovery. This flexible stretcher can be easily changed from one position to another easily owing to the product’s Seamless Transition® functionality.

Straps for securing individuals prior to movement as well as carry handles can be easily attached, repositioned and removed thanks to the click to lock and pull to release functionality. Wrist and ankle restraints can also be attached in the same way to help secure individuals who pose a risk to themselves or others.

The FlexStretcher is constructed from polyethylene which is easy to keep clean. It is also X-ray and defibrillator safe and is also compatible with stretcher trolleys used in ambulances.
Every Flexstretcher is delivered complete with 6 multi-positional carry handles, 3 patient securing straps as well as a soft wrist and ankle restraint system plus carry case and user guide.

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Length:180cm (89.8cm folded)
Width:45cm (50cm folded)
Depth:7.8cm (16.1cm folded)
Safe working load:180kg


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