IBEX TranSeat 700H


The IBEX TranSeat 700H evacuation chair enables the safe movement of mobility-impaired individuals up and down stairs without the need for heaving lifting

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EVAC+CHAIR IBEX TranSeat 700H Evacuation Chair

The IBEX TranSeat 700H is an evacuation chair that enables mobility-impaired individuals to be evacuated/transported up and down stairs without the need for heavy lifting.

The IBEX TranSeat is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial premises. A two-person handling team is required to move an individual using this evacuation chair, regardless of whether the individual has to be transported up or down stairs.

The specially designed tracks on the IBEX chair allow transportation without the need for the individual to be lifted at any time. This helps limit the possibility of injury to the chair’s operators. 

The IBEX’s tracks never part contact with stairs, ensuring that 90% of the individual’s weight is always being supported by the chair.

Features of the 700H

  • Robust stainless steel frame construction
  • Telescopic handles that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the operators
  • Adjustable straps to keep the individual safe and secure during transportation
  • Suitable for moving individuals on level ground as well as up and down stairs
  • Ideal for use on spiral staircases where space is typically limited
  • Brake controlled tracks greatly assisting transportation up and down stairs
  • Opens quickly and easily
  • Can be wall mounted for greater accessibility
Height 110cm
Weight14.5kg (unladen)
Payload Capacity159kg


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