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Jolly Back Chair

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The Jolly Back chair is an innovative, low seating solution for adults working at low heights. It helps to improve posture, comfort and helps reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury for teachers, nursery nurses, childcare practitioners, midwives, children’s therapists, nurses and carers.

The Jolly Back chair has a weight limit of 110 kg. Users are advised to follow their own organisation’s moving and handling procedures when handling the Jolly Back chair. Prior to use, each individual should assess whether they are suitably fit to move, handle and use the Jolly Back chair. 

The chair is available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The size required would depend on the user’s height and the age range of children or patients they are working with. To find out which size is appropriate for you please contact us

The Jolly Back chair is a unique, purpose-designed low chair to help relieve and prevent staff discomfort and reduce the risk of acquiring a musculoskeletal injury. Repetitive poor postures from overstretching, bending over and twisting are frequently adopted as it is necessary for many important professionals to work at low heights every day. 

This product has been designed specifically to reduce these damaging postures and promote healthy sitting. Each element of the chair allows the user to encompass the principles of a healthy sitting posture. The Jolly Back chair is compact which is ideal for use within schools, care homes, nurseries and hospitals where space is precious. 

The chair comes with adjustable lower back support, comfortable padded seat wedge and swivel wheels allowing easy manoeuvrability when seated. It is covered in a breathable, waterproof, anti-bacterial fabric or vinyl option.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other products, please contact us.

Attribute Value
Sizes: Small/Medium/Large
Seat Height: 39cm (S) 40.5cm (M) 44cm (L)
Total Height: 69cm
Seat Width: 35cm
Back Rest Adjustment: 7cm
Weight Limit: 102kg (16 stone)
Material: Available in Standard Waterproof or Vinyl fabric.

Jolly Back Chair

Seating & Low Work


SKU: 008

The Jolly Back chair is a low level seating solution that aids healthy posture and reduces the possibility of musculoskeletal injury

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