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LG 2020 Stair Climber

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If you are on the lookout for a stair climber that is both competitively priced and suitable for spiral and/or flared stairs, the LG 2020 Stair Climber could be exactly what you are looking for.

This product comes with a unique rear supporting wheel allowing for safe movement on stairs. The LG 2020 Stair Climber is also perfectly suited for vehicle transportation as it can be taken apart into smaller and lighter units. It is simple to both assemble and disassemble and takes up little space when not being used. As well as being lightweight and compact, it is easily manoeuvrable even in tight spaces. The LG 2020 is strong and durable and even comes in an airport variant, better suited for taller steps. 


  • Ergonomic handle with large buttons enabling easy and safe operation of the stair climber
  • Adjustable brake allowing stair climber to adapt to different types of stairs
  • Pivoting front wheels brake
  • Extendable platform
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Flexible seating options
  • Airport variant to cater for taller steps and comes with a built-in quick-release step to cope with the bottom step of aircraft steps
Attribute Value
Capacity 160 kg
Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 97 x 57 x 70 cm
Speed 36 steps per minute
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer Antano

LG 2020 Stair Climber

The LG 2020 Stair Climber is small, highly manoeuvrable and is well suited for small areas. It is also easily transportable as it breaks up into a number of smaller components

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