Med Sled Paediatric Evacuation Kit

Complete evacuation system for the movement of babies and toddlers



The Med Sled Paediatric Evacuation system has been specially designed for the safe, secure evacuation of babies and toddlers from special care units in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

Each evacuation kit comprises of two standard Med Sleds, the choice of two foam insert suitable for the movement of three babies aged 0-5 months or two toddlers aged 6-24 months and a storage case. This combination enables carers to slide multiple babies/toddlers to safety on a secure, padded surface while benefiting from all the functionality of the Sleds unique design.

Features of the sled include Med Sleds patented perimeter tether and specially designed stairwell braking system, to enable operators to move the sled down staircases in a safe, controlled manner and helps to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.

Other features of the sled include; an end pulling handle for horizontal movement, 8 carry handles, three cross straps with metal side release buckles and foot-end T-strap to secure the insert in place – each sled comes complete in a carry bag.

The Med Sled Infant Insert has three specially designed baby compartments with tapered edges to accommodate babies of varying size, with two integrated soft velcro cross straps to secure the baby. The toddler insert has two toddler compartments, with adjustable 3-point harnesses. Both inserts include two additional compartments to hold additional lifesaving equipment.

This complete kit comes with a storage case capable of accommodating two rolled sleds and two inserts or two pre-deployed sleds with inserts – ready for immediate use.

Med Sled Paediatric foam inserts cannot be used as a stand-alone and must only be used in conjunction with a Med Sled evacuation sled. However, the Med Sled evacuation sled can be used on its own to enable the evacuation of non-ambulant adults.


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