Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets

Emergency evacuation baskets for the movement of infants from special care baby units



Med Sled SCBU Evacuation Baskets have been specially designed for the safe, secure, emergency movement of premature or high-risk babies from special care baby units.

Each basket system comprises of a lightweight basket a cleverly designed backpack featuring four front cross straps – that attach to the basket, chest strap, IV bag clip and an oxygen cylinder/ storage pouch on the back, enabling carers to remain completely hands-free to administer care.

The Med Sled Evacuation Basket is big enough to accommodate one baby (of varying sizes) and life-sustaining equipment. Other features of the Med Sled baskets include; a cushioned baseboard, three baby securing cross straps, four corner female buckles and an underside storage compartment to hold additional items such as notes, nappies and feeding materials which may need to be moved with the baby.


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