Med Sled Vertical Lift

Rescue sled for both vertical and horizontal lift operations and confined space extractions



The Med Sled “Vertical Lift” VL Rescue Sled has been specially designed for use in situations where vertical or horizontal extraction of non-ambulant individuals, using a mechanical lifting mechanism, is needed.

This includes the removal of injured individuals from wind turbines, sewers and caves or in mountain rescues and military operations. The Med Sled VL Rescue Sled is ideal for the rescue of critically injured individuals who may need additional equipment such as a spinal board or basket stretcher, IV bags, Oxygen and other small devices during extraction.

This durable evacuation system features Med Sleds patented parameter tether, which stabilizes the individual being moved and an integrated hoist system, enabling vertical and horizontal lifting – these features come pre-assembled on every sled for immediate deployment.

Other features of the Med Sled Vertical lift Sled include; a foot-end pulling handle, 6 carry handles, three cross straps with metal side release buckles and foot end T-strap and helicopter hoist straps.

Each sled rolls up compactly allowing it to fit inside a rapid deployment carry bag, making it an ideal rescue device to hold on rescue vehicles or to form part of a backpack configuration for ground rescue personnel – double shoulder strap bag with extra storage pockets supplied with every sled.

The Med Sled “Vertical Lift” VL Rescue Sled is available in Red, Coyote Brown, or Drab Olive.

Tag line sets used to support a safe vertical lift are available for purchase separately. Each set contains a locking carabiner, a highly visible waterline rope and ten weak link ties.


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