Medi-Evac Mat

Self-contained, hardwearing evacuation mat



The Medi-Evac Mat is a hard wearing evacuation mat designed to aid non-ambulant persons to safety in an emergency. A downsized version of the popular Bariatric Evacmat, the Medi Mat’s tough, slippery Polyethylene baseboard allows it to be moved easily over most surfaces and makes for smooth stair descent.

Self-contained within its own carry case the Medi-Evac Mat can be wall mounted within rooms or at emergency refuge points and is easily stored on emergency vehicles.

The Medi-Evac Mat features side wings which cocoon the user for added security while being moved to a point of safety. This is especially useful for users with dementia or mental illness who may exhibit challenging behaviour or try to grab out while being evacuated.

The length of the mat can be altered to suit the user’s height. Multiple positioning handles enable it to be manoeuvred on small landings and in tight space areas.

Other features include head and foot end operator handles, three yellow patient securing straps, a large foot pocket and internal pillow.



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