Modular Fall Mat


Two-piece bedside modular fall mat, offering protection from injuries when falling out of bed



The Modular Fall Mat is the perfect product for use in hospital wards and residential homes for individuals susceptible to falling out of bed.  This two-piece bedside mat is designed to be placed alongside an individual’s bed to cushion a fall from the bed, reducing the possibility of serious injury.

The Modular Fall Mat is designed by NHS staff and commissioned by NHS Innovations.  It helps protect the falling individual by instantly absorbing and redirecting the impact through the high-density foam core. The impact is then dispersed along the full extent of the fall mat lessening the force of the impact, thus reducing injury potential.

The Modular Fall Mat is designed using two sections that can be connected with the use of heavy-duty velcro attachments which are supplied as standard. Additional features include tapered edges that help to reduce trip risks and an indented carry handle on each section to aid transportation.

The Modular Fall Mat is constructed from polyurethane foam that contains Tetramass Plus antimicrobial additive which enables easy cleaning as well as cross-infection prevention.

Length:101.5cm (per section)
Width:80cm (per section)
Depth:3cm (per section)


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