OneLeg Stool

The OneLeg is an ergonomically designed stool allowing users to work safely and comfortably at low heights



The OneLeg was initially designed to assist individuals working at low levels whilst undertaking gardening tasks as well as other domestic maintenance duties. Since then, it has proved to be an incredibly useful product in a multitude of additional activities in various sectors.

The OneLeg stool can now be found in schools, nurseries as well as in various healthcare sectors. It is now commonly utilised by professionals such as teachers, care workers and nursing staff. 

The stool has been designed with a unique base that allows the user to rock and turn resulting in the stool following this movement. This gives the user a wide radius of potential work area.

Both the muscles of the abdomen and back are in constant use while using the OneLeg which helps to improve the user’s posture as well as core strength. This in turn helps to minimise back pain and limits the possibility of musculoskeletal stressing, a common problem caused by the traditional static seated position as well as working at low heights. 

The OneLeg stool has also been found to help aid concentration levels and calmness. 

The product is especially beneficial to children possessing hyperactivity disorders as the stool permits them the freedom to continue moving via seated fidgeting on the stool, limiting disruption to those around them. 

The OneLeg stool can be used by those of all ages upwards of just 4 years and is suitable for those weighing up to approximately 190 kg (30 stone). The product is constructed from polyethylene and comes in a great variety of colour choices. The seat is made out of silicon as are the covers for the base, making the stool slip resistant even when used on hard flooring such as tiles or laminate.

The OneLeg comes in a multitude of colours that can be seen in the image below: 

oneleg colour chart

Weight:1.1 - 1.9kg
Height: 32cm 40cm 48cm 54cm 65cm
Seat width:26cm
Safety tested to:200kg
UV Safe:UV8 (8000 hours)
Features: Come complete with non-slip seat and base covers. Bevelled/curved base.


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