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ResQmat – Emergency Rescue & Evacuation Mat

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The ResQmat is an emergency evacuation mat for disabled or mobility impaired individuals. This rescue aid is specifically designed for use in multi-storey environments where stair recovery is the only method of escape, should lifts be out of use.

The ResQmat is used all over the world, primarily in the healthcare sector. It is often selected as an alternative rescue aid to evacuation chairs and stretchers. This is because the ResQmat does not require the same level of manual handling that is necessary with these more traditional evacuation systems.  

It is suitable for both adults and children owing to its adjustable design and comes with a built-in foam mattress and pillow. Coupled with its enclosed design, this helps to ensure that the individual remains safe, comfortable and secure while being moved to a safe location. 

ResQmat – How Does it Work

The ResQmat is housed within an easily visible, velcro-sided storage bag which comes labelled with easy to follow picture-based instructions. These instructions aim to help operational personnel focus on the correct procedures even during emergency situations when panic can easily become a factor. 

The ResQmat can be mounted on a wall or stored in a cupboard along with other forms of emergency equipment.

When an emergency situation occurs, take the ResQmat to the individual in need of rescue. Open the bag’s white velcro seams to release the product. Then place it alongside the individual in readiness for the transfer to take place.  

Once on the ResQmat, wrap the material sides around the individual and then secure them in place with the strong black velcro straps. This ensures that the individual is secured safely within the mat.

Place the individual’s feet within the V section of the red webbing strap. Tighten this strap to adjust the length of the ResQmat. This will prevent the individual from slipping down into the mat during transporting down flights of stairs. 

Once completed, tow the individual to a safe location. 

The product is constructed with a polypropylene underside enabling towing across a multitude of surfaces. 

ResQmat – Safety Instructions

Although tested up to 300 kg, the ResQmat is not suitable for individuals of this weight. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this product for those in excess of 160 kg.

A minimum of two operators should handle the ResQmat during an evacuation. The safe operating weight for the two handlers should not be more than twice their combined weight. 

Any individual requiring such apparatus during an evacuation should have their own handling plan pre-approved. This will help ensure that the correct number of handlers etc are in attendance in an emergency situation.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out about product servicing/maintenance and training.

Attribute Value
Packed: 51cm x 51cm x 22cm
Unrolled: 225cm x 48cm with two side wings 41cm
Padding: 48cm wide x 3cm thick
Base: Polypropylene flexible board 46cm x 210cm
Weight: 4kg
Safety tested to: 160kg
Safe working load: 120kg two people
Material: Yellow nylon
Features: 10cm thick pillow. Velcro and webbing straps

ResQmat – Emergency Rescue & Evacuation Mat

£334.00 + VAT


The ResQmat is an emergency evacuation and rescue mat for disabled or mobility impaired individuals

£334.00 + VAT

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