Scoop Stretcher

The Scoop Stretcher is the perfect product for evacuating injured individuals from awkward and confined spaces


The Scoop Stretcher has been developed to allow ease of access and movement of injured individuals in confined and/or awkward spaces. This stretcher helps to eliminate body roll of casualties who display signs of spinal trauma, helping to limit any further injury.

The Scoop Stretcher is available in either high strength aluminium or high-density polypropylene, making the stretcher both lightweight and extremely durable. Its well thought out design ensures the stretcher is easy to keep clean whilst being corrosion, heat and cold resistant.

This stretcher is designed with two safety lock hinges, allowing the product to be easily uncoupled and separated into two sections. Moreover, the Scoop Stretcher features ergonomic handles ensuring those carrying the stretcher maintain the appropriate posture during lifting. This helps to reduce the possibility of any injuries occurring during the lifting and carrying process.

The stretcher can be easily adjusted using its telescopic tubes allowing it to suit the casualty’s height. What’s more, being totally X-ray and MRI scanner compatible, the Scoop Stretcher is the perfect solution for casualties directly from the location of injury right through to treatment and diagnosis in a medical facility.

The Polypropylene version of the stretcher is easily stored as it can be folded in half. Three patient securing straps come included with both versions of the stretcher.

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Polypropylene: Closed:161cm x 45cm x 7cm
Extended:210cm x 45cm x 7cm
Folded:145cm x 45cm x 12.5cm
Max load:159kg
Aluminium: Open:190cm x 44cm x 6cm
Closed :120cm x 44cm x 6cm
Max load:159kg



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