Ski Pad – Padded Evacuation Mat


The Ski Pad is an emergency evacuation and rescue mattress designed for disabled or mobility impaired individuals

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About the Ski Pad

The Ski Pad evacuation mattress is manufactured by Northampton based, Hospital Aids and is derived from the Ski Sheet, another of the company’s popular evacuation products.

This evacuation mat is designed for individuals who struggle with their mobility. It is used mainly in hospitals, care homes and hospices where staircases and fire exits are too narrow for the safe evacuation of patients/residents, using a bed or mattress.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 states that the Fire Service is no longer required to offer a “complete evacuation service” for properties, which places greater responsibility on the owners of premises.

Moreover, changes to the ‘Disability Discrimination Act’ state that everyone has exactly the same rights when it comes to emergency evacuation situations.

As a result of this changing legislation, this product is now used to evacuate disabled and mobility impaired individuals from a multitude of premises including hotels, schools and offices. 

Ski Pad – How it Works   

The Ski Pad comes in a dedicated bag that can be wall-mounted for convenience. When required, pull the velcro fastening on the bag and the product will release.

In an emergency situation, place the Ski Pad alongside the individual and release the buckles. Transfer the individual, ensuring that their feet are placed into the foot pocket. This will ensure that they do not slide down into the Ski Pad when being transported down flights of stairs.

Fasten the seat belt style straps over the individual that will ensure that they are safely secured. If spare pillows are available, these can be placed upon the individual prior to fastening the straps. This will help to increase comfort while being transported. At this point, the individual is ready to be moved to a safer location.

The base is coated in hard-wearing vinyl enabling transportation across almost any surface. Meanwhile, the interior foam construction helps keep the individual protected and comfortable while being moved down flights of stairs.  

Safety Instructions  

The product has been safety load tested to 160 kg. However, to limit the possibility of injury to operating handlers, the maximum weight of the individual being evacuated should not be more than the total weight of the two handlers.

Any individual requiring Ski Pad evacuation should have a pre-arranged handling plan, the details of which will need to be considered prior to any evacuation being performed.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out about product servicing/maintenance and training.


Part of the ‘SKI’ range of evacuation products. ‘SKI’ is a Registered Trade Mark within Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

Registered European Union Trade Mark No. 13737135. Registered Great Britain and Northern Ireland Trade Mark No.2560233.

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