Ski Sheet


On the bed solution to mattress evacuation from hospitals and residential care homes

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The Ski Sheet enables progressive mattress evacuation of patients with mobility impairments from hospital wards in emergency situations. Located under the mattress, the ski sheet is instantly accessible and does not interfere with bed making.

The sheet is easily fixed to the underside of the mattress using its elasticated corner straps and the patient securing straps are stored in integral pockets located on the underside of the sheet.
When needed in an emergency, simply remove the straps from their storage pockets and secure over the patient. The mattress (and patient) is then slid off the bed and taken to safety using the head/foot end handles.

Made from strong low friction nylon with seat belt style webbing straps and NHS approved metal buckles. Machine washable – see product fact sheet for more information.


Part of the ‘SKI’ range of evacuation products. ‘SKI’ is a Registered Trade Mark with in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU.

Registered European Union Trade Mark No. 13737135. Registered Great Britain and Northern Ireland Trade Mark No.2560233.


Packed:27cm x 10cm x 13cm
Unrolled:196cm x 85cm
Safety tested to:160kg
Safe working load:120kg - two people
Material: Nylon
Features:Pockets for storing the cross straps. Elastic corner straps for attaching Sheet to the mattress. Seat belt style webbing straps and metal buckles.


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