Spider Straps for Backboard

Spider straps for backboard is a system to immobilise a severely injured patient on a spine board while they are being transported


Spine Board Straps

Spider Straps, spine board straps or a spider safety harness as they are often referred to, are designed to securely immobilise an individual with serious injuries, while they are being transported using a spine board.

The spider safety harness is a crucial item of equipment commonly used in the EMS sector as it is both effective and simple to use. The colour-coded spider straps that make up the one-piece harness system are easily passed through the appropriate holes in the spine board. These are then firmly secured around the individual’s body with the use of strong Velcro fastenings.

The spider straps safety harness is compatible with the majority of spine boards and rigid stretchers and comes with its own storage case. If you have any questions about the spider strap for spine board, please contact us.


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