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Spinal Board

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The spinal board, extrication board or backboard, as it is also known has been created to completely immobilise individuals suspected of spinal injuries, at the scene of an accident. Complete patient immobilisation is ensured when this spinal board is used alongside a head and neck immobiliser as well as patient straps. 

This spine board is constructed from lightweight polyethylene ensuring the product is easy to clean and maintain especially as it is resistant to the absorption to bodily fluids. What’s more, this spine board is X-Ray compatible which makes it an ideal product for supporting a casualty from the scene of an accident right through to diagnosis at the medical facility.

The spine board comes complete with 10-speed clips pins that are used in conjunction with speed clip patient straps. The board also features multiple points where operators can hold ensuring improved control when transporting a patient.

This product is compatible with industry-standard head and neck immobilisers and patient straps. Each spine board comes with three patient straps included. 

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Attribute Value
Dimensions: 184cm x 46cm x 5cm
Weight: 5.5kg
Max load: 159kg
Materials: polyethylene
Features: Available in Hi-Vis Orange

Spinal Board

The spinal board is designed to completely immobilise and move individuals with suspected spinal injuries

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