Universal Head Immobiliser

The Universal Head Immobiliser helps stabilise casualties with suspected head and neck injuries


The Universal Head Immobiliser has been created for use on individuals who have possible injuries to the head, neck or spine. It is used at the location of an incident through to diagnosis and treatment. Owing to its stabilising nature, the Universal Head Immobiliser helps limit additional injuries that may be sustained while an individual is being moved. 

The product is light and easy to use and because it does not absorb any bodily fluids, it is simple to keep clean and decontaminate from one use to the next.

This head immobiliser is constructed out of two closed-cell foam supports for the head which are coated in plastic. There are also sizable holes for the ears to allow patient monitoring if necessary. There are a universal attachment base and two hard-wearing coated foam straps to cater for both the chin and head areas. 

The product is compatible with X-Ray/CT/MRI equipment and is suitable when using the majority of rigid stretchers, extrication collars and longboards. The Universal Head Immobiliser is compatible with all cervical collars, spinal boards and flat backboards.

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