Course 8 – Train the Trainer Course ( Ski Pad / ResQmat / Albac Mat)

trainer the trainer course


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Train the Trainer Course 

Train the Trainer – Ski Pad / ResQmat / Albac Mat Training (Generic)

 (Practice Based Focused On Equipment Practical Use) 

Duration: approx. 3 to 4 hours (tailorable).

Course Renewal Compliancy (Annually) 

Group (Minimum Numbers 2 – Up to 5) 

Ring for Additional Attendees Price (Individual)

Train the Trainer Course Information 

Train the Trainer courses are focused on ensuring your organisation is robustly prepared to deliver your own training, facilitating the creation of in house training sessions.

Our Train the Trainer Courses builds upon the already comprehensive practitioner training, by further ensuring that the trainer is confident and competent in order so that training can be cascaded within the organisation facilitating the creation of in house training sessions.

Conducted in accordance with the requirements as set out by the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005 Gravelles Provides a range of services, designed to give your organisation, staff and customers piece of mind and confidence in the use of your available Evacuation and Manual handling Equipment and processes.

We recognise that some Organisations may have a range of differing Equipment from Different manufacturers. Our Tailored training is suitable to covering a range of products from the Main International Manufacturers whose product use differing mechanisms including Generic Skid / Belt based evacuation chairs to Skids and slides. These include :- Generic Evacuation Chairs (All Colours), Sleds, AlbacMat, Ski Pad, ResQmat, ResQme, Sheets, Slings and Baskets. 

Train the Trainer Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Designed to assist the responsible person(s) or dedicated training teams. Assisting staff every step of the way in their learning and understanding the evacuation process. The Gravelles Ltd Train the Trainer course is a comprehensive course focusing on the Whole Evacuation Process

  1. Management / Regulatory Framework and Legislatory context in and; 
  2. The Practical product practice and awareness. (Practitioner Training Course (Evacuation Chair Training (Generic)

Training ensures that operators are safe, fully conversant and confident in their organisational practises, legislative compliance and their ability in evacuating an individual to safety with an Evacuation Chair or similar product.

Course Outline 

In addition to our Practitioner Training Course Ski Pad / ResQmat / Albac Matt Training (Generic)

Taught at your facility / organisation to ensure staff availability and a tailored approach. Gravelles Ltd training is delivered in a relaxed and informative professional manner. Delivered by our Experienced Professional Staff through conventional training techniques in addition to practical product practice. 

Train the Trainer Specific Elements.

Management / Regulatory Framework and Legislatory context includes:- 

  • The 4 Key Pieces of Regulations / Legislation
  • Evacuation Strategy, 
  • Fire Evacuation Planning
  • Individuals (PEEP) and Standard Evacuation Plan (SEP)
  • Fire – What to do (organisational specific)
  • Fire Triangle 
  • Explanation of fire fighting techniques 
  • Historical Case Study 
  • Manual handling 
  • Evacuation process

Practical Product Practice And Awareness Ski Pad / ResQmat / Albac Mat Training (Generic) Includes.

  • Practical Demonstration by experienced professional. 
  • Practical Demonstration providing a background to the product and process.

Team / Staff Practice / Practical Use 

  • Supported practical training – in the use of your equipment in your property / facility. 
  • Ensuring staff are familiar and confident with your equipment. 
  • Each practitioner will participate as a passenger and operator in a simulated evacuation.
  • Sessions duration approx. 3 to 4 hours).
  • Staff Assessment (staff are assessed for ability to preform function safely and confidently without harm to themselves or those requiring evacuation (we may advise that some staff assist and are not trained in evacuation product use due to previous injury / health conditions or confidence) 

Train the Trainer Course Documentation Provided 

  • Practitioners receive a certificate proving that they have completed the Train the Trainer 

Evacuation Chair Training (Generic) course (upon satisfactory Pass).

  • Training Guide Handouts provided during the session.
  • Safety File information provided inc. Attendance list, practitioner handouts, product specification. 
  • All Train the Trainer course receive a memory stick with relevant information for their successful adoption and distribution / cascade of in house practitioner training.  

Key Facts

  • Training Conducted at your facility using your equipment. 
  • Only fully insured and experienced Gravelles Ltd certified trainers conduct training. 
  • Gravelles Ltd are covered by industry standard 5 Million legal indemnity Cover.
  • All trainers Receive extensive ongoing manual handling, legislative and equipment specific training. 
  • Training is only valid for equipment practised / experienced on the training day as specified.
  • All Staff are tailored training programme available to meet your individual / organisational / facilities requirements. 
  • All Training is delivered at your facility / organisation to ensure staff availability and a tailored approach.
  • One location to be trained at (tailored package can be created)
  • Practitioners must attend and participate in the whole course in order to receive completion certificates.
  • Gravelles Ltd Staff reserve the right to ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ any taught individuals based on satisfactory performance and competency illustrated during the course. Gravelles Staff decisions are final.
  • Evacuation Chairs – All major manufacturers covered (Make, Model and Specification).
  • Matts and Skids – All major manufacturers covered (Make, Model and Specification).
  • One product will be trained on at any one session (tailored package can be created)
  • Coverage All UK Offshore / Ireland and France (please call for a quote).

Related Training / Briefings 

Please enquire about manual handling, PEEPS, SEPS and Risk Assessments, Access/ Evacuation Reviews, Fire marshal, Fire Extinguisher training.

Related Products / Maintenance Services

Please note that Gravelles Ltd supply and install an extensive range of related services, products and accessories inc. Transfer Boards, Batteries, Control modules, Harnesses, Ramps, Product Maintenance and Servicing, spare parts etc.


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